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April 22, 2008

New Roaring Falls Flume Ride At Celebration City

Branson, MO -- New for 2008, Celebration City is going "over the edge" with Roaring Falls - the wildest new adventure in the Ozarks, by day and by night. Set with a jungle theme, Roaring Falls is an Amazon adventure complete with misty fog and jungle sound effects. It's a multi-million dollar ride that sends riders down a wet, five-story plunge for a thrilling and enormous splash finale.

Roaring Falls, Celebration City

Splash Height: 60 feet

Ride Time: 110 seconds

Height: 5 stories

Drop Angle: 55 degrees

Ride Length: 575 feet

Capacity: 20 passengers per boat, 800 passengers per hour

Water: 250,000 gallons

Location: New area of Celebration City near the Boardwalk

Height Restriction: 48 inches

Ride Design: Hopkins Rides LLC, Haines City, FL

Opening Date: April 18, 2008

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