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April 8, 2008

Medieval Themed Flying Skooters To Debut At Castle Park

Riverside, CA -- Castle Park announced plans to debut a new Medieval-themed Flying Skooters ride this spring. This new family ride named Dragon Flyers is expected to be ready to open Memorial Day weekend.

DragonFlyers will have eight flying vehicles suspended on cables, each seating two passengers. As the vehicles spin in a circle, the passengers can steer by moving the front wing from side-to-side causing the vehicle to fly inwards and outwards.

Each ride experience on DragonFlyers will be unique because of how the flyer flies, according to Castle Park.

"We expect it to be very popular just because of the fact that every ride experience will be different," said Melissa McKay, director of marketing and sales. "You absolutely have full control of what the ride experience is going to be."

The DragonFlyers is being built by Larson International, Inc.

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