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April 3, 2008

SeaWorld To Combine Roller Coaster With Animals For New Attraction

Orlando, FL -- SeaWorld Orlando unveiled plans for a major new attraction that the park has dubbed the most ambitious and single largest investment for any attraction at the animal theme park.

According to Joseph Couceiro, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for, Busch Entertainment Corp., the ride will be part thrill ride and part animal attraction, combining those elements for the pre-show queue line, the ride itself and the-post-show.

"What it's going to be is the next generation SeaWorld attraction," Couceiro said. "What we do well is connect the world with the sea, presenting marine life in totally different perspectives. Also what we do well is put the guest in the midst of that. This is the next generation of that."

Construction on the new attraction began this winter in an area between the Whale & Dolphin Theatre and the Dolphin Nursery.

Online web sites have been speculating for months about the new ride that is rumored to be a flying roller coaster.

Park officials would not reveal any more details about the ride other than to say it will be ready to open in 2009. With this new attraction SeaWorld Orlando will soon offer a total of four roller coasters.

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