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April 1, 2008

Hard Rock Park Auctioning First Rides On Led Zeppelin Roller Coaster

Hard Rock ParkMyrtle Beach, CA -- You could be among the first in history to ride the new Led Zeppelin roller coaster at Hard Rock Park.

Hard Rock Park announced that it is auctioning off 16 individual tickets for the inaugural ride of the Led Zeppelin - The Ride roller coaster. The auction being held in conjunction with Rock My World Children's Village and Auctionwire is aimed at roller coaster enthusiasts, fans of classic rock's biggest band and anyone else who just wants to make history.

Bidding for the 16 seats began on March 31 at 9:00 pm (eastern time) and ends on April 7 at 9:00 pm ET. To place your bid see

Led Zeppelin - The Ride is one of the flagship attractions at the new Hard Rock theme park in Myrtle Beach. A joint creative connection between Hard Rock Park and legendary guitarist Jimmy Page, Led Zeppelin - The Ride was conceived to give Led Zeppelin fans the ultimate amusement park experience.
The winning bidder of Row 1, Seat 1 will sit next to Steve Goodwin, Hard Rock Park CEO during the inaugural ride. Goodwin will also make a personal contribution to add to the final bid price to support the charity.

The 16 winners of the auction will receive a prize pack that includes a seat on the coaster's very first official ride, a signed Led Zeppelin poster and commemorative certificate declaring the rider's place in history. The rider will also have his or her ride forever commemorated with a photo taken of the event.

The media will also be on hand for this event providing for a potential interview opportunity for participants.

The auction for the maiden voyage of the Led Zeppelin - The Ride roller coaster is being held by Auctionwire and taking place on eBay. Only sixteen seats are available for the auction.

Proceeds from the auction benefit Rock My World Children's Village.

Led Zeppelin - The Ride, named by Jimmy Page, features the Zeppelin smash-hit "Whole Lotta Love" which was selected for the ride by Jimmy himself. The bands hit will be pumped out on the coasters powerful 64 speakers, generating 1200-watts of music as the coaster hurtles the screaming rider down its 3,738-foot long track at speeds hitting 65 mph.

The roller coaster itself features six inversions and reaches a height of 155-feet before riders plunge through a 120-foot tall loop and nine-story tall cobra roll. The rider will experience weightlessness in a 75 foot zero G roll. The ride traverses a large part of Hard Rock Park, in places taking riders racing over the water.

This unique experience, slated for April 15, will also allow riders to get a sneak-peek into what the Hard Rock Park will offer visitors, ahead of its June grand opening. The 50-acre rock 'n' roll theme park will feature individually themed music environments to cater to music fan's diverse tastes. All flavours of rock will be represented, from American to British, through the 70's to present day.

Along with Led Zeppelin - The Ride, Hard Rock Park will also offer four other roller coasters.

To place your bid for one of the 16 seats in this auction, visit

For more information, see Hard Rock Park, Led Zeppelin - The Ride or visit

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