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January 12, 2008

Prototype MotoCoaster To Open at Darien Lake

Darien Center, NY -- Darien Lake will debut the prototype Zamperla MotoCoaster in May according to an article on the Park World web site. This launched roller coaster will be the first and only ride of its kind at the New York theme park.

According to Park World, the park purchased the prototype that had been assembled and tested at the Zamperla factory in Italy. The ride has since been taken down and is now en-route to Darien Lake for installation.

Zamperla's MotoCoaster is a compact launched steel coaster with a three-layer, figure eight layout. This 1,198-foot long coaster reaches a height of 44 feet and a top speed of 38 mph. An individual six car train seats riders two abreast in twelve seats that resemble a motorcycle.

To accelerate the train the MotoCoaster uses a flywheel and clutch launch mechanism instead of a traditional lift hill. In just three seconds the train is set into motion from zero to 38 mph.

Zamperla is marketing the roller coaster's Flywheel launch mechanism as being very reliable and easy to maintain. It's also a proven system that has been in use on other roller coasters for nearly three decades.

With the additon of the MotoCoaster this summer Darien Lake will now offer guests a total of seven different roller coasters.

Zamperla is also currently busy delivering a second MotoCoaster to Knott's Berry Farm in Buena Park, California. Pony Express also set to debut this summer will feature a custom layout and trains sporting a horse theme.

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