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December 10, 2007

Morey's Piers Updating Great Nor'Easter Suspended Coaster

Wildwood, NJ -- Morey's Piers web site announces that the Great Nor'Easter roller coaster is about to break new barriers of rider experience. Coming next summer guests will experience freedom of flight like you cannot imagine with an all-new redesigned passenger restraint system.

Great Nor'Easter a Vekoma designed "suspended looping coaster" has a reputation for being a rough ride.

According to Morey's, the new restraints which they've been testing for weeks are far less confining and will make for a more popular ride experience. The new restraints allow riders to turn their heads and interact with others, which is currently not possible.

A Dutch manufacturer has been hired by Morey's Piers to build and install the new restraint system. The park says the upgrade will cost about $1.2 million and be completed in April or early May.

Jack Morey, executive vice president of Morey's Piers was quoted in an article on, "The ride experience warrants a new name."

So with the planned ride experience enhancement Morey's Piers management team is now thinking of new names. The park admits they do happen to like the current Great Nor'Easter name.

According to Morey's, the name will ultimately determine the train colors and the appearance for the new ride entrance.

The name change is still being discussed and the park may decide to keep the Great Nor'Easter name, but add a tagline to it to promote the new ride experience.

Two words that were mentioned as best describing the new experience were "fly" and "freedom".

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