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September 28, 2007

Evel Knievel Coaster Coming To Six Flags St. Louis

Eureka, MO -- Evel Knievel will ride again as Six Flags St. Louis announces that they're building a new wooden roller coaster named after the legendary motorcycle stunt rider.

Evel Knievel Roller CoasterSix Flags said it will spend $7 million to build this new roller coaster and it will mark the park's fourth consecutive year of capital expansion. The third wooden roller coaster at the St. Louis theme park, Evel Knievel expands the total number of roller coasters to eight at Six Flags.

"The unpredictability and high energy of this coaster make it the perfect way to pay tribute to the king of adrenaline, Evel Knievel," said David Roemer, President of Six Flags St. Louis.

"I've been thrilling people all my life with my death defying stunts," said Evel Knievel. "And I've proven after a spectacular fall that you're never a failure as long as you try to get up. What better way to create a new generation of Evel Knievel fans than by partnering with Six Flags for this exciting attraction. I'm thrilled to be part of it."

Designed by Great Coasters International, this "compact twister" is 82-feet tall and 2,700 feet long. The ride begins with a daring 80-foot descent at a 90-degree left turn angle, which is followed by a 55-foot double down drop. Evel Knievel then continues with sixteen hills with camelbacks, a 40-foot fan curve and multiple high-banked turns at up to 67-degree angles.

According to Six Flags, the Evel Knievel roller coaster will crossover itself 14 times and reach a top speed of 50 mph.

Two 24-passenger Millennium Flyer trains from Great Coasters International will maneuver the ride's sharp turns and high banks while delivering an exceptionally smooth ride.

This new roller coaster is named after Evel Knievel who began his daredevil career in 1965 and over the next 12 years earned the name of America's Legendary Daredevil for his heroic and death-defying feats. Through his eventful career, Evel had garnered international media attention for both his successful jumps and his amazing crashes.

By the time he retired in the winter of 1976, Evel Knievel held the Guinness Book of World Records for the most broken bones and had also captured ABC's Wide World of Sports largest TV viewing audience with his Ohio jump in 1974. Evel has also been immortalized in the Smithsonian Institute with his motorcycle and memorabilia display.

Six Flags says the Evel Knievel roller coaster is schedule to open mid-summer 2008. The ride will be built in the front of the theme park near the Log Flume and the Moon Antique Cars.

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Artwork courtesy of Six Flags St. Louis. All rights reserved.

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