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September 24, 2007

Las Vegas Roller Coaster Moving To California Amusement Park

Fresno, CA -- Fresno is to become the new home for the Lightning Bolt roller coaster from the defunct MGM Grand Adventures theme park. The 2,400-foot long steel roller coaster will be erected at the under construction The Forest at Granite Amusement Park.

The 10-acre amusement park on Cedar near Ashlan in Fresno, California will open in 2008 and feature 24 rides including three roller coasters. The former MGM Grand Adventures roller coaster is now on site after being moved from Las Vegas where it sat in storage for five years.

The Lightning Bolt roller coaster built by Intamin and the extended by Arrow will be the largest roller coaster at the new Granite amusement park.

MGM Grand Adventures theme park closed on Labor Day 2000. The park continued to operate for private events until the park was redeveloped in 2002.

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