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June 11, 2007

Subs Diving Again With Finding Nemo Stars at Disneyland

Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage Disneyland
The Submarines are once again diving at the Disneyland Resort.
© 2007 Disney
Anaheim, CA -- Disneyland once again will be taking guests on an underwater adventure this summer as the theme park revived one of its classic attractions, the Submarine Voyage today.

The highly anticipated "Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage" opened with a parade of Disney officials, invited guests and a large crowd of park guests who were all anxiously awaiting their chance to ride. By the early afternoon the line stretched to nearly four hours long.

"We're here today to celebrate a classic Disneyland attraction which, through a brilliant marriage of phenomenal storytelling and innovative technology, has been transformed into a vibrant new experience - one that will no doubt rekindle nostalgic memories for many adults," said Bob Iger, Disney President & CEO.

Officially opening to Disneyland park guests today, Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage features extensively enhanced versions of the original 1959 Disneyland submarines in a brand new adventure.

Underwater Exploring the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage at Disneyland
Guests will explore the underwater world of the stars of Disney-Pixar's animated film Finding Nemo.
© 2007 Disney
Onboard the Submarine Voyage, guests will find an entirely new story based on the Disney-Pixar animated film "Finding Nemo". Using new technology in the attraction, Disney allows guests to explore the colorful underwater world of clownfish Nemo and his friends.

Brand new imaging technology created by Walt Disney Imagineering, has the Finding Nemo characters coming to life right before guests' eyes in the brilliantly-colored lagoon.

Iger praised the team from Disney-Pixar Animation, adding, "We've drawn fresh inspiration from the terrific story that our colleagues at Pixar created for their brilliant landmark animated film, Finding Nemo."

Disneyland also enhanced the submarine vehicles in a number of ways, including a conversion from the diesel power of the 1950s to environmentally friendly, fully electric power.

Underwater Exploring the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage at Disneyland
Disney updated the 1959 Submarines to include a new on-board audio system and converted them from diesel to electric power.
© 2007 Disney
A new on-board audio system lets guests hear the sounds and voices of the underwater characters as they move alongside the submarine. Sounds are synchronized to travel along with the figures using a four-channel, stereophonic sound system. Throughout the voyage, guests can eavesdrop on the exploits of favorite Finding Nemo characters like Dory, Marlin, Crush the turtle, Bruce the shark and, of course, Nemo.

After experiencing a sub-shaking volcanic eruption, the vessel dives alongside a breathtakingly beautiful coral reef where Marlin, Nemo and all their friends gather to celebrate the successful expedition.

In addition to the wonder of seeing Nemo and his friends swimming off the 2-D silver screen and into the 3-D lagoon environment, guests are immersed in astonishingly colorful environments. Walt Disney Imagineering used recycled glass to provide a sparkling deep sea environment that also will last longer under water.

Jay Rasulo, Chairman of Disney Parks & Resorts, noted that Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage continued a legacy of innovation in family entertainment at Disney Parks.

"The return of the Submarine Voyage is a dream-come-true," Rasulo said. "How many kids - who have since become parents - have wished to take their own children on this magical voyage of discovery beneath the ocean waters?"

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Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage photos courtesy of the Disneyland Resort. Copyright © 2007 Disney Enterpises, Inc.

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