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April 26, 2007

Follow-Up: Township Bans Smoking at Six Flags Theme Park

Jackson, NJ -- In a follow-up to our article last week, Six Flags Great Adventure's request for the Jackson Township Council to ban smoking at the theme park was approved Tuesday night. The council unanimously decided to adopt an ordinance that prohibits smoking in any amusement park, except in areas that are designated by the park.

Some smokers weren't happy about the decision and others asked why it was necessary for the township to get involved with a private property matter.

Six Flags Great Adventure requested the ordinance to help them enforce their new "no smoking" policy.

So far 93 smokers have been escorted out of the park, said Mark Kane, president of Six Flags Great Adventure.

A Group Against Smoking Pollution (GASP) supported the ordinance.

"Second-hand smoke is harmful even outdoors," said Karen Blumenfeld, a member of GASP.

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