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April 17, 2007

Giant 7-Story Swing Ride Debuts at Silver Dollar City

Branson, MO -- Silver Dollar City theme park in Branson unveiled their latest thrill ride to park guests this past weekend. The Giant Swing, stands seven stories tall and thrills guests by swinging at roller coaster speeds.

The Giant Swing, Silver Dollar City theme park
The Giant Swing at Silver Dollar City, an 1880s-style theme park near Branson, Mo., is the first ride of its kind to be highly themed. Enlarge
Silver Dollar City is known for merging high-tech rides into highly themed settings and The Giant Swing is no exception. Set in a massive hay barn, the ride takes the old-fashioned fun of a barn swing and gives it giant-sized, high-tech thrill power.

"You can put a ride anywhere, but the real key is giving it its own personality, which brings about an emotional connection," said Silver Dollar City General Manager Brad Thomas.

This new $6 million attraction bursts riders through the barn and launches them more than seven stories in the air. Riders eventually reach a point where they're nearly upside down.

"Many generations grew up with the traditional barn swing," added Thomas. "With this ride, we add that experience as we bring the colorful history of the Ozark Mountain region to life."

The Giant Swing's two colossal arms seat riders back-to-back in two rows, so you get to experience the ride going backward as well as forward. Built by Utah based S&S Power, this ride uses compressed air to launch the swings, sending riders 75 feet high in opposite directions and through the barn roof before powering them back toward the ground and past each other at speeds up to 45 mph. When the swing reaches a height of 75 feet it is arcing almost 230 degrees so riders are nearly upside down.

According to Silver Dollar City, the tremendous acceleration produces back-to-back G-force kicks and sensations of weightlessness for a full-throttle, high-flying thrill ride.

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The Giant Swing artwork courtesy of Silver Dollar City. All rights reserved.

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