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April 17, 2007

La Ronde Is On The Lookout For Thrilling Stories

Montreal -- Did you meet your soulmate while riding The Flume? Finally conquer your fear of rides on Le Monstre at age 52? Maybe you spent your single most memorable family outing here. Or tasted your first soft-ice-cream cone. Or went on 40 rides in a row in a single day. Or captured your all-time most beautiful video of your kids on the Carrousel Antique. As part of an exciting program of activities to mark its 40th anniversary, La Ronde ( is inviting the public to contribute memorable and thrilling anecdotes that happened to them during a visit to La Ronde, from 1967 to the present.

A total of 40 stories will be chosen and posted on the La Ronde website. Each author will receive a double Day Pass for La Ronde, which opens its doors on Saturday, May 19.


  • Entries must be between 75 and 200 words.
  • Texts may be submitted in English or in French.
  • Texts may be accompanied by a photo.
  • The events recounted in each story must have taken place on the actual La Ronde site, or be directly related to La Ronde.
  • Texts will be judged on their originality, exciting nature, liveliness and clarity.

Send your stories via e-mail until May 10, 2007 to:

La Ronde is owned and operated by Six Flags, Inc.

For more information, visit

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