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March 7, 2007

Guest To Take Flight On New Idlewild & SoakZone Ride

Ligonier, PA -- Guests can earn their wings this season at Idlewild & Soak Zone amusement park and water park. The park plans to debut their newest family attraction "Flying Aces" on the opening day of the park's 130th season.

"Our Flying Aces ride is our fourth new family attraction in four years and complements our wildly successful Captain Kidd's Adventure Galley and Paul Bunyan's Loggin' Toboggan. Idlewild families will love it," said Brandon Leonatti, Idelwild & Soak Zone General Manager.

Flying Aces is based on the classic Flying Skooters ride from the early 1900's. These rides were very popular at amusement parks more than 50 years. A few of the original Flying Skooters are still in existence today.

Idlewild & Soak Zone is adding an updated version of this ride manufactured by Premier Rides, Inc.

This family ride consists of ten cable suspended planes that each seat two passengers. As Flying Aces begins rotating the centrifugal force swings the planes outward to a diameter of 100 feet.

Passengers can then pilot their own plane by moving a vertical wing directly in front of them. As they move the wing the plane will fly inward and outward while traveling around the central axis.

Leonatti said, "This timeless ride is a favorite among amusement park enthusiasts because riders generate their own thrills as they pilot and maneuver their own plane.

According to Idlewild, the ride reaches a top speed of more than 35 mph. This is also the first 10-car version of the ride manufactured by Premier Rides.

"Flying Aces is a great addition to our collection of family-friendly rides, and we're excited to introduce it to new generations of Idlewild visitors," added Leonatti.

Idlewild says the new ride will be ready when the park opens for its 130th season on May 24.

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