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February 27, 2007

Bell's Zingo Wood Roller Coaster To Be Dismantled

Tulsa, OK -- The owners of Bell's Amusement Park have been dismantling the park's rides since the amusement park lost its lease at the Tulsa County fairgrounds. The largest ride, a wooden roller coaster, has just recently started to come down piece-by-piece.

The park's owners say it will take about 12 weeks to dismantle the Zingo roller coaster.

According to Bell's Amusement Park, the "out and back" wooden coaster was built in 1968 for $240,000. The park plans to put the roller coaster in storage until they find a place to relocate.

Once a new location is found it will take about five months to rebuild the roller coaster, according to Bell's.

Many of the park's other rides have already been torn down and moved to a Tulsa warehouse to be stored. A few of the larger rides remain at the fairgrounds waiting to be removed.

The Tulsa County fairground has given Bell's until March 8th to remove all of the rides.

For more information, see Bell's Amusement Park.

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