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February 10, 2007

Disney Building Interactive 3-D Dark Ride In California and Florida

Anaheim, CA and Lake Buena Vista, FL — Disney announced they've begun construction on Toy Story Mania, an all-new 3-D dark ride at both Disney's California Adventure and Disney-MGM Studios theme parks.

Toy Story Mania, Disney Theme Parks
Disney's new Toy Story Mania interactive 3-D dark ride attraction coming to theme parks in Orlando and Anaheim in 2008.

The new attraction slated to open in 2008 will take guests into the world of Woody the Coyboy, Buzz Lightyear and the Green Army Men from the Disney-Pixar Toy Story franchise.

Disney says, Toy Story Mania will take the interactive ride-game experience to exciting new heights.

Toy Story Mania follows the success of the Buzz Lightyear interactive rides which are also based on the Disney-Pixar Toy Story movies and located at Disney parks in Anaheim, Orlando and Tokyo.

This new high-tech ride will match the delightful characters of the films with games that best suit their very animated personalities.

Disney says, the Toy Story Mania attraction will immerse guests into the Toy Story world as never before.

For Toy Story Mania, players will pair up and site side-by-side for a friendly competition. Wearing 3-D glasses, guests shrink to the size of a toy and hop into fanciful ride vehicles that travel and twist along a colorful midway-themed route. Upon arriving at each game booth, they will aim for animated targets using their own special on-board "toy cannon."

As guests score points, they will be cheered on by favorite Toy Story friends like Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Hamm, Bo Peep and the Little Green Men.

Special hidden targets will award extra points and lead to different levels of play.

Disney says, the energy of the characters, the competition with other riders and the hilarious, unpredictable game action make this a unique experience that families will want to try again and again.

Toy Story Mania will feature games that audiences of all ages and skills, beginner to serious gamer, will enjoy.

Construction has already begun on Toy Story Mania in the Paradise Pier district of Disney's California Adventure park and at Disney-MGM Studios park in Orlando. The attraction will have a 2008 opening at both parks.

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Toy Story Mania artwork courtesy of the Walt Disney Company. All rights reserved.

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