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February 9, 2007

Kings Island To Debut New Flying Roller Coaster

Firehawk Logo, Kings IslandKings Island, OH -- Cincinnati theme park visitors will soar to new heights for Kings Island's 35th anniversary this year. For Memorial Day weekend the park will debut its 14th roller coaster, Firehawk.

This innovative new "flying" roller coaster will take riders up fifteen stories to experience five inversions at speeds of more than 50 mph. Riders will experience all of this while facing the ground, thus experiencing the inconceivable feeling of human flight.

"The addition of Firehawk reflects our commitment to combining one-of-a-kind thrills with fantastic family entertainment," said Greg Scheid, Kings Island's vice president and general manager. "We're looking for some real thrill seekers who are ready and willing to fly. What a way to celebrate our 35th anniversary!"

Firehawk will be assembled behind the Flight of Fear roller coaster in Coney Mall. Riders will board yellow and red trains with four-abreast seating. After being lowered backward, riders will being the ascent up the roller coaster's 115-foot tall lift hill.

The flying experience begins at the crest of the lift when the trains are flipped over and take off on a half-mile journey lasting two and half minutes.

Firehawk originally cost $15 million when it was built in 2001 at Six Flags Worlds of Adventure in Aurora, Ohio. The park now called Geauga Lake announced the removal of this roller coaster last November. For two months the parent company of both parks Cedar Fair, has been disassembling and moving the roller coaster to Kings Island.

Crews are now in the process of assembling the roller coaster so it may open on Memorial Day weekend. When Firehawk debuts it will join Kings Island's portfolio of 13 award-winning roller coasters, including world record holders, The Beast and Son of Beast.

Kings Island opens for weekend operation on Saturday, April 21. Daily operation beings Wednesday, May 23. For more information about Kings Island visit or see Kings Island.

Firehawk logo courtesy of Kings Island. All rights reserved.

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