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December 14, 2006

Kings Island Removing Loop From Son Of Beast

Kings Island, OH -- Paramount's Kings Island is committed to reopen the Son of Beast roller coaster in 2007, but will do so without its signature element, the loop. The world's only looping wooden coaster has been closed since an accident in July, injured 27 passengers.

In a statement Wednesday Kings Island said "Taking this extra step enables the use of lighter trains, which will reduce the load and lead to a more comfortable ride experience."

At the same time the State of Ohio's Department of Agriculture released the final inspection report detailing the outcome of the extensive Son of Beast inspection.

State investigators found a design flaw with the roller coaster and the wooden support beams were not designed to bear the ride's weight. The flaw resulted in a collapse of a support beam, causing a dip in the track that jolted the train, injuring 27 onboard.

"The report reaffirms initial indications that the incident was an unforeseen single event failure," Kings Island said.

"Kings Island will now focus its energies on the appropriate an necessary changes needed to reopen the ride in 2007. In addition to reinforcing the physical structure of the ride, the Park plans to remove the loop."

The state is requiring Kings Island to make several improvements before it is allowed to reopen Son of Beast. The park must hire engineers to review the design and make structure changes to eliminate the problems.

Removing the loop is not a requirement of the state. The park has chosen to this on their own, based on the recommendation of the experts they've hired.

In the statement Kings Island added, "The Park is making good progress on Son of Beast and is fully committed to reopening the ride in 2007."

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