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December 1, 2006

Utah's Lagoon Building New Launched Roller Coaster

Article written by:
Eric Gieszl, Editor

Farmington, UT -- Lagoon Park announced that they will build the amusement park's biggest and most thrilling roller coaster ever for next summer. The park's already touting it as big and fast, so they've decided to appropriately name it, Wicked.

"This ride has been designed for Lagoon and it will be the tallest and fastest coaster at the park," said Dal Freeman, Park Engineer at Lagoon.

For Lagoon a moderate sized amusement park it's a huge addition and this state-of-the-art attraction will likely have guests lining up next summer to ride it.

Wicked is a $10-million addition to Lagoon and said to feature some unique elements.

Instead of gravity Wicked will use high-tech linear synchronous motors to launch the 8-passenger cars along a horizontal section of track.

Beginning in a dark tunnel the individual cars will be launched down a horizontal section of track that leads to an eleven-story tower. Next the cars climb up and over the 110-foot tower at speeds close to 41 mph.

Lagoon is calling this element unique since unlike a traditional roller coaster that slowly lifts riders to the top to then let gravity take over, riders will instead feel like their rocketing up and over the top of the first hill.

Adding to the thrill, this portion of the roller coaster will have a steep 90-degree ascent and descent. That's a straight vertical drop.

During the course of the ride the individual cars will eventually reach a top speed of 55 mph and pass through a series of steep valleys, high bank turns, half-pipe and a heartline roll inversions.

Riders will board the individual cars with two rows each and be seated four-abreast per row. The second row of seats will be elevated like stadium seating to improve the experience in the back.

Lagoon says a lap and leg restraint system will secure the riders while providing upper body freedom that will add to the excitement.

The overall roller coaster will be 2,011 feet long and last about two and half minutes.

Construction has already begun and Lagoon plans to have the roller coaster ready when the park reopens next spring.

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