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November 30, 2006

New Roller Coaster To Spin Into Knott's Next Year

Article written by:
Eric Gieszl, Editor

Buena Park, CAKnott's Berry Farm is putting a spin on a traditional roller coaster. The park announced yesterday that their building a new family attraction for 2007 that will be a combination of a roller coaster and a spinning thrill ride.

Knott's Berry Farm Spinning Roller Coaster
Artist rendering of the new Sierra Sidewinder spinning roller coaster that will debut at Knott's Berry Farm in spring 2007. The new ride will be located at the entrance to Camp Snoopy.

Sierra Sidewinder currently under construction at the park will open next spring near the entrance to Camp Snoopy.

According to Knott's this new roller coaster will be different since the cars on the coaster's two trains spin.

"Sierra Sidewinder will be an exciting addition to Knott's Berry Farm and will give kids as well as adults a ride like they have never experienced before," said Marty Keithley, Knott's Berry Farm's general manager.

Guests will be seated two across, back-to-back, in two row cars. The coaster's two trains have four cars for a total of 16 riders. From there Sierra Sidewinder carries riders up a six-story tall lift hill before sending them through a series of nose-dives, banks, dips and turns at speeds of up to 37 mph. The added thrill comes from the cars that continually spin, uncontrolled throughout the 1,411-foot long ride.

Because the spinning is uncontrolled each ride on Sierra Sidewinder should be a unique experience.

The coaster, designed by Mack Rides of Germany is only the second one of its kind in the world. According to Knott's the first is located at Germany's Europa Park.

"The Mack Company is a family business known for its quality products and dates back to 1780 when they first started building carriages and coaches," said Keithley. "Today they are an award-winning company known for their innovative attractions and family oriented ride construction."

When Sierra Sidewinder debuts next spring will be the theme park's 8th roller coaster. The last roller coaster built at Knott's was Silver Bullet, an inverted coaster that opened in December 2004.

With a spring opening planned, Knott's new roller coaster will likely debut before Disneyland's revamped Submarine Voyage that is expected to reopen in June.

Knott's officials did not reveal how much the new attraction will cost, but parent company Cedar Fair Entertainment based in Sandusky, Ohio is expected to make that announcement in the coming weeks.

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Artwork courtesy of Knott's Berry Farm. All rights reserved.

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