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November 14, 2006

Cirque Dreams Show Coming To Six Flags Over Texas

Cirque Dreams Coobrila, Six Flags Over TexasArlington, TX -- Six Flags announced they will unveil a new world-class entertainment show at the Arlington theme park in June 2007. The new show from Cirque Productions titled "Cirque Dreams Coobrila" will be exclusively at Six Flags Over Texas as part of the park's "Cooler, Brighter, Later" experience.

According to Six Flags, guests will be amazed, mesmerized and electrified by the new stage extravaganza. Cirque Dreams Coobrila is part of the company's new direction of expanding its entertainment options in its theme parks.

"Cirque Dreams Coobrila will be like no other show we've ever presented at Six Flags Over Texas," said Steve Calloway, vice president and general manager of the company's flagship park.

The new nighttime spectacular will take place in Six Flags' 10,000 seat Music Mill Amphitheatre. The theatre will be completely transformed and reconfigured with multiple stages and performance runways designed to connect the performers with the audience in an intimate and totally engaging experience. High above the theatre, an elaborate truss structure will accommodate special effects, brilliant illuminations and amazing displays of aerial artistry.

The word "Coobrila" was created by combining three key descriptive elements of the show - the outdoor performances will be presented at night when temperatures are COOler...illumination effects throughout the park BRIghter...and park operating hours LAter to maximize guest enjoyment. These elements also fuel the three principal characters of this new Cirque Dreams attraction.

"Cirque Dreams Coobrila is a fantastical journey into a world of imagination," said Neil Goldberg, producer and artistic director of Cirque Productions. "In the Coobrila dream, three personalities reign supreme, the 'cooler', the 'brighter' and the 'later'. When aligned under the light of a bright new moon, their inventive antics and acrobatic adventures will unfold to inspire, entertain and amaze audiences, bringing them to their feet, cheering and chanting 'Coobrila, Coobrila!'"

An international cast will perform this original production and showcase their diverse talents along with Cirque Productions' signature style of wildly bizarre and creative costumes, original music and unlimited imagination, all blended together to create the world of Cirque Dreams Coobrila.

"This is exactly the kind of world-class entertainment our guests have been looking for - an escape that will transport them to another place and time," added Calloway. "It will, quite simply, take their breath away."

To accommodate the new show and as part of the park's Cooler, Brighter, Later elements, Six Flags Over Texas will remain open later. From June 16 to August 19 the park will stay open until 11:00 pm.

Six Flags says that during the evening hours, the park will be filled with illuminated characters and a pulsating energy. Three uniquely different high-energy bands and nine performance groups will take to the streets and various stages of the park creating an all-out party atmosphere for families, teens, tweens and even senior citizens to enjoy.

"Once the sun sets, we're going to completely 'amp up' the wow factor," said Bruce Mather, Six Flags Over Texas entertainment and special events manager. "We're going to literally 'light up the night' with lasers, sky trackers and thousands of twinkling lights all over the park. Look one direction and you might see jugglers; turn in another direction and there could be street dancers; another, an alternative rock band. Even the uniforms of our park hosts and hostesses will have an illuminated element. This will truly be a different park after dark."

A nightly parade will also kick off the Late Nights at Six Flags each evening. The parade will feature park performers, elaborate floats and characters from the Justice Leaque Superheroes and Bugs Bunny and his friends.

Artwork courtesy of Six Flags Over Texas. All rights reserved.

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