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November 3, 2006

Disneyland Hong Kong Beaten By Competing Theme Park

Hong Kong Is the world's best theme park operator, the Walt Disney Company, being beaten in Hong Kong by a neighboring theme park? Ocean Park in Hong Kong reported Wednesday that it set a new monthly attendance record in October, while nearby Hong Kong Disneyland struggled to meet its attendance targets.

Ocean Park, which combines marine animal attractions with a traditional theme park, set a new monthly record with more than 500,000 visitors for the month. The park had an average daily attendance of more than 16,000 guests.

Attendance at Disneyland Hong Kong was significantly behind Ocean Park. Disney is said to have attracted 5,000 guests on some days and up to 11,000 a day at the start of China's week-long National Day holiday at the beginning of October.

Hong Kong Disneyland celebrated its first anniversary in September amidst reports that it failed to meet its first year attendance target.

Disney's first theme park in China has been criticized in the press as being too small and too crowded. Reports claim the park often has long lines due to a lack of attractions. Hong Kong Disneyland has also been challenged with a brand recognition problem in China and did not attract as many mainland visitors as Disney had hoped.

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