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September 23, 2006

Indoor Outdoor Waterpark Resort Planned For Vegas

Article written by:
Eric Gieszl, Editor

Las Vegas -- The absence of a waterpark in Las Vegas may soon be fulfilled if Las Vegas Wet proceeds with their plan to build a $1.1-billion destination resort on the Las Vegas Strip.

Galcier Bay, Las Vegas Wet LLC
Brrr! It's always refreshingly frosty among the "snow-covered" rock formations at the Glacier Bay area of this new waterpark resort proposed for Las Vegas.

The 100-acre resort to be built on Las Vegas Boulevard south of Interstate 215 will be centered around two attractions, a large indoor-outdoor waterpark and a snow dome indoor ski and snowboard facility. The resort will also include two themed hotels, plus resort amenities like a casino, events arena, mega-plex movie theater, spa and many nationally recognized retail and food chains.

A group of former Disney and Universal Studios executives, designers, architects and engineers formed Las Vegas Wet LLC and have retained Thinkwell Design and Production to create this unique destination resort.

"We spent about a year analyzing the needs of Las Vegas from both a tourist aspect as well as local needs," said Steven Donner, co-founder of he project and Las Vegas Wet LLC.

Donner a former theme park veteran with 30-years experience spent part of his career in operations and development for park operators like Disney and Universal Studios. He is also a principal with Proteus Creative, an entertainment development company.

"We were privy to what Wet 'N Wild used to draw, and realized that while this would be an attraction for out-of-towners, that the people of the Las Vegas Valley deserved a facility that they could call their own. That is why we chose a location somewhat away from the heart of the Strip, but close to the 215," added Donner.

Luxe Lagoon, Las Vegas Wet LLC
Luxe Lagoon - Here guests will find the excitement of a giant wave pool and indoor beach, along with a dizzying array of water slides.

The outdoor indoor waterpark is slated to span 30 acres, with 250,000 square feet of that indoors. The indoor waterpark will be the largest in the U.S. and allow for daily, year-round operation.

The water park will have several themed areas beginning with Luxe Lagoon, the main entry and central hub that will have a giant wave pool and indoor beach, water slides and rivers. Painted Desert will resemble Bryce Canyon National Park with water slides, pools and private cabanas. A South Seas area with beaches and pools will be called Survivor Island. Glacier Bay will be a "cold" area where the family can frolic amidst geysers, mini slides, a pint-sized inner tube river and other interactive features.

Being in Las Vegas the park will also have an adult area. Riviera will be a 21-and-over area with beach, pools, hot tubs, fine dinning and bar. There is also a planned dance club for this area.

Snow Dome and Alpine Haus Hotel, Las Vegas Wet LLC
The Alpine Haus Hotel and Snow Dome - escape the Vegas heat by venturing into the indoor ski area at Alpine Haus.

Snow dome the second major attraction at the resort and the Swiss-chalet themed hotel will encompass another 40 acres. The snow dome, the first in the US will allow for year-round snow sports like skiing and snowboarding, plus snow play areas.

There are about 40 snow domes in the world, most in Europe and Asia. There have been two snow domes proposed in the US, one at Meadowlands Xanadu development in New Jersey and an earlier unsuccessful attempt to construct one in Anaheim on the property of Anaheim Stadium.

"Think of it, you can throw on ski gear and practice your downhill technique on real, ok, man-made, snow, then change clothes and surf at the waterpark, all in the same day at the same place," said Dooner.

According to the Las Vegas Wet website the group already has $1.1 billion in financing lined up for the project. They hope to begin construction soon for a 2008 or 2009 opening.

With the backing of Wall Street this group has the funds and experience to create an exceptional resort playground for locals, visitors and families alike.

Artwork courtesy of Las Vegas Wet, LLC and Thinkwell. All rights reserved.

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