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September 21, 2006

Valleyfair To Build Wooden Roller Coaster For 2007

Article written by:
Eric Gieszl, Editor

Shakopee, MN -- The Old West seems to be theme for Cedar Fair park expansions in 2007 as Valleyfair today announced Renegade, a new world-class wooden roller coaster that will open in 2007.

Renegade Valleyfair's seventh roller coaster and the first wooden one since 1976, will combine the best features of "out & back" and "twister" coasters.

"There won't be a dull moment on this ride," states Alan Schwartz, Valleyfair's vice president & general manager. "This will be a lively, smooth ride and an exciting addition to our collection of roller coasters."

Renegade designed by Great Coasters International of Sunbury, PA, will be built in the northwest quadrant of the park, in a wooded area near the Thunder Canyon water ride. The coaster will stand ten stories and begin when it drops 91 feet.

Two of Great Coasters' Millennium Flyer trains accommodating 24 passengers each will cruise along 3,113 feet of wood track. During the first descent the trains will reach a maximum speed of 52 mph.

Renegade's track layout has 19 turns, 10 crossovers and a first ever twisting first drop. Riders will also experience a terrain hugging high-speed S-turn and a high-speed station fly-by, which is becoming a signature element on Great Coasters' ride designs.

Construction of Renegade is slated to begin immediately after Valleyfair completes the permitting process.

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