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August 23, 2006

Texas SeaWorld Park To Add Journey To Atlantis Ride

Article written by:
Eric Gieszl, Editor

San Antonio, TX -- SeaWorld San Antonio yesterday announced that it will add a new water roller coaster ride named Journey to Atlantis to the theme park in 2007. The new family ride will be the first of its kind in the US. The attraction will combine elements of a roller coaster with those of water flume ride.

"Journey to Atlantis will be an exciting addition to SeaWorld San Antonio," said Dan Decker, executive vice president and general manager. "Our guests will love this ride and are sure to want to repeat the combined experience of a roller coaster and water ride."

To experience Journey to Atlantis SeaWorld guests will board a sixteen passenger boat. Traveling uphill, the boats spin on a turntable once they reach the first plateau, rotating up to 360 degrees.

At 100-feet high, riders will experience breathtaking view of San Antonio and SeaWorld. After spinning on the turntable, the boats will be propelled backwards down a reverse camelback. This portion of the ride will be an experience liking to a roller coaster.

At the crest of the second hill, the boats rotate again before plunging down the final hill and splashing into a lake. Geysers and water spouts will be present in the lake to further cool passengers.

The entire ride is three and half minutes.

"Not only will riders experience the thrills of a roller coaster, they get the cooling effects of the water ride as well," added Decker. "Even observers will have an opportunity to get splashed from an observation area adjacent to the ride."

Built by Mack GMBH of Germany, Journey to Atlantis is the first of its kind in the United States. A similar ride built by Mack is located at Germany's Europa Park.

SeaWorld will build the attraction on three acres between VIVA! and the Nautilus Amphitheater.

"Site preparation for this ride began in June and construction is now underway," said Decker. "We expect to see the ride taking shape throughout fall and winter. We expect Journey to Atlantis to debut to the public on May 24, 2007"

Journey to Atlantis will be the sixth major ride added to the world's largest marine life adventure park. It will be particularly appealing for families with children, as riders need only be 42 inches tall to ride.

For more information, see Journey to Atlantis and SeaWorld San Antonio.

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