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August 9, 2006

Indoor Waterpark Resort Proposed For Alabama Adventure

Birmingham, AL -- Bessemer City Council yesterday gave the mayor the authority to work out a development deal for a 280-room hotel and 52,000 square-foot indoor water park. The hotel and indoor water park are part of a $70 million project that owners of Alabama Adventure theme park pitched to the city council yesterday.

The proposed hotel is expected to create 250 jobs. It will also feature a 30,000 square-foot conference center and 320-site campground with modern amenities.

Southland Entertainment Group, owner of Alabama Adventure theme park proposed a 70/30 split of the sales tax revenue created by the development. The project is expected to bring in almost $1 million annually and attract 400,000 new visitors to the area. The split would last until Southland recoups $12.5 million in site development.

If the city reaches an agreement the hotel and waterpark could open in 2008 and the campground could be finished next year.

Southland Entertainment Group is anxious to move forward with this project that was slated for five to seven years from now. The Alabama theme park is having a great year.

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