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July 24, 2006

Lakeside Park Cyclone Roller Coaster Malfunctions

Denver, CO -- The Cyclone roller coaster at Lakeside Amusement Park was evacuated Sunday after the train came to an unexpected stop.

Park officials aren't sure why the roller coaster train came to a stop before an 80-foot drop, but they will find out before it reopens.

Witnesses said that a wheel started to spark before the train stopped. The evacuation conducted by park employees and rescue workers took approximately three hours.

Park officials said aside from a few frightened individuals no one was injured. Lakeside hopes to reopen the Cyclone on Friday.

Colorado state law only requires amusement parks and carnivals to report injuries once a year during annual registration. The law also requires that amusement parks be insured and submit annual safety inspection reports. Ride inspections are conducted by the park's own inspectors and those hired by the park's insurance company. There are no state inspectors in Colorado.

State records show that Lakeside Park has had no fatalities or serious accidents on their rides.

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