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June 24, 2006

Bell's Amusement Park Hopes To Reopen Monday

Tulsa, OK -- Bell's Amusement Park is making the necessary repairs and hopes to get the rides running again next week. The park suffered a variety of damage after a severe thunderstorm sent hurricane-force blowing through the amusement park.

Bell's President, Robby Bell said that the park's Ferris wheel was destroyed beyond repair and some of the supports on the Zingo roller coaster split during the June 6 storm.

The park has been working hard to get the necessary repairs done on the roller coaster and other rides. State inspectors will conduct an inspection of all the rides to ensure that they are safe to operate before the park reopens. The park hopes to be ready to welcome back guests on Monday.

The excessive winds were released by a thunderstorm as it collapsed over Tulsa's Midtown. The hurricane-force winds snapped power poles, knocked over trees and caused extensive damage to the surrounding area. The storm is estimated to have caused $2-million in damage to the Tulsa County Fairgrounds.

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