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June 12, 2006

Monstrous 'El Toro' Wooden Roller Coaster Unleashed

Jackson, NJ -- Today, Six Flags Great Adventure celebrates the grand opening of its highly-anticipated, monstrous wooden coaster. El Toro, which has the steepest vertical drop of any wooden coaster in the world, 76 white-knuckled degrees, marries the smooth height, speed, technology and exciting twisting elements of steel roller coasters with a classic wooden design.

The opening of El Toro will be highlighted by roller coaster enthusiasts from six states taking part in a "Running of the Bulls." Led by "Running of the Bulls" veteran and Spaniard Jesus Urtasun of Riverside, NJ, participants will charge toward the coaster dressed in traditional red-and-white Running of the Bulls attire, and compete to be the first to take on the fierce El Toro.

"I can't wait to take the world's ultimate wooden coaster by the horns," said Running of the Bulls participant and roller coaster enthusiast "Coastin' Steve" O'Donnell of Horsham, PA.

El Toro's unique construction was inspired by the agility and strength of the brave matadors, and features a hybrid design that marries the fast-charging drops of a classic "out-and-back" track with the highly-banked turns of a beastly "twister."

Thrill-seekers will find that El Toro delivers nine "airtime" moments, giving riders the highly-sought thrill ride sensation of weightlessness.

At 188 feet tall and reaching 70 mph, El Toro ranks among the tallest and fastest wooden roller coasters in the world. In addition to its record-breaking vertical drop, its 4,400 feet of mountainous track has the second tallest, fastest and longest drop of any wooden coaster in America.

"El Toro breaks new ground for wooden roller coasters, and is the perfect addition to our world-class coaster collection," said Ron Sevart, Vice President and General Manager of Six Flags Great Adventure. "Thanks to its modern take on classic wood design and its incredibly smooth ride, it caters to coaster lovers of all ages, both thrill seekers and families."

El Toro anchors a newly-themed area, Plaza del Carnaval, that evokes the sights and sounds of coastal Mexico. Plaza del Carnaval also features a new Mexican restaurant, La Cocina, new marketplace-style shopping at El Mercado and a new rocking, spinning family ride, Tango.

"El Toro is another major entertainment element of Six Flags Great Adventure's 45th anniversary celebration, one which is already highlighted by more great shows, huggable characters and outstanding guest service than ever before," added Sevart.

Plaza del Carnaval opened to guests on Memorial Day weekend. El Toro begins operating at Six Flags Great Adventure today.

Six Flags Great Adventure is open daily through Labor Day and then weekends through October.

Fore more information, see El Toro and Six Flags Great Adventure.

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