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May 17, 2006

Chicago Kiddieland Park May Close After 2010

Melrose Park, IL -- Kiddieland Park in Melrose Park may close at the end of a the decade because of a family squabble reports the United Press International. The park that opened for its 78th season last month is the last one of several Kiddieland Parks.

According to the report park operators Ronald Rynes and Cathy Norini may be forced to close the park if their mother and brother, Shirley and Glenn Rynes are successful in breaking the lease. Ronald Rynes grandfather Arthur Fritz founded the amusement park.

The Rynes claim they want to break the lease because fireworks shows violate the contract. They also claim that Ronald and Cathy haven't provided proof of insurance for the park as required by the lease.

A Cook County judge rejected the effort to end the lease. The Rynes appealed the decision, but the Appellate Court of Illinois upheld it.

Despite the failed effort to end the lease it's likely the park won't open after 2010 when the current lease expires.

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