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April 11, 2006

Dollywood Debuts New Timber Tower Thrill Ride

Dollywood Theme Park Opening Day, Dolly Parton
Dolly Parton jokes with the media at the 2006 Grand Opening of Dollywood. The park's new one-of-a-kind Timber Tower ride tilts in the background.

Pigeon Forge, TN — Dolly Parton was on hand for the opening of Dollywood and the theme park's newest thrill ride, Timber Tower. The new $6.5 million thrill ride is the first and only ride of its kind in North America.

"You don't have to look very far to find something fun to do at Dollywood this year," said Dolly Parton. "It's a whole lot to take in for a girl in high heels!"

While you probably won't find Parton in line to ride Timber Tower this summer, that certainly won't stop Dollywood's younger guests from lining up.

The park's newest thrill machine is located in the Thunderhead Gap area. It's not hard to miss since Timber Tower stands six stories tall.

The first of its kind in North America and the two and half minute ride experience features dual rotation, both from the tower and the passenger carrier.

Situated in the middle of a pond, Timber Tower takes passengers high in the air where the ride carrier rotates 11 times per minute as it approaches the top of the tower.

Timber Tower Thrill Ride, Dollywood
Dollywood's new Timber Tower is a family thrill ride offering a unique experience taking the rider up four stories, spinning and then toppling over multiple times like a falling tree.

Once atop the tower, it begins a side-to-side swinging motion with six complete "dips" in various directions at staggering 60-degree angles. While appearing to splash riders into the water below, Timber Tower "drops" passengers almost within reach of a sawmill blade, a bear cave, a water geyser, a beaver dam and a treacherous log jam.

"I think folks will agree that Timber Tower is every bit as unique as I am, and that's saying a lot," added Parton. "And one of us is just about as likely to topple over as the other, but at 65 feet, Timber Tower is definitely a sight to see!"

The thrill ride is the centerpiece of Dollywood's newest area, Timber Canyon, which is themed to resemble a once-thriving turn-of-the-century lumber camp.

Other new attractions in Timber Canyon are two 30-foot-tall towers where passengers control the ride experience in twin-seated, kid-powered cars by drawing a cable, lifting the car as high as 25 feet. Passengers can then release the cable for an incredible, kid-friendly "freefall." Lil' Loggers' Landing, is an exciting, interactive play area created just for children 48 inches and under.

Dollywood is now open for the 2006 season. For more information, visit

Photos courtesy of Dollywood. All rights reserved.

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