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January 20, 2006

Six Flags Expanding Fiesta Texas With New Water Rides

San Antonio, TX -- Six Flags is expanding its Fiesta Texas park this year with the addition of three new water rides and a new children's play area. The multi-million dollar expansion is planned to open on May 6.

The waterpark at Six Flags Fiesta Texas will be expanded with three new rides - The Whirlpool, Big Bender and Hill Country Racer. All three rides are being manufactured by ProSlides of Ottawa, Canada.

For younger children the park will open Splashwater Springs, a water playground that will feature a pirate ship, beached-boat slide and water-squirting palm trees. NBGS International based in New Braunfels is manufacturing the water play area.

The expansion this year is part of Six Flags emphasis on expanding its family entertainment offerings.

Martin Bozer, General Manger of Six Flags Fiesta Texas said, "We think right now we have enough coasters."

The entry to the water park at Six Flags Fiesta Texas will be redesigned and a new store called Beach Bum Surf Co. will also be added.

The three new rides will offer waterpark visitors a variety of experiences, some of which can already be found at other Six Flags parks.

The Whirlpool swirls riders seated in two-man inner tubes around a 40-foot-diameter bowl before a drop through a chute. Big Bender is a partially enclosed flume that drops 50 feet through a series of dips, tunnels and twists. Hill Country Racer is a six-lane speed slide where riders race down side-by-side lanes, face first on mats.

Two years ago Six Flags added the Tornado slide to the water park.

Six Flags Fiesta Texas opens for the season in March. The new water park additions are expected to open on May 6.

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