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October 13, 2005

Cedar Point Closing White Water Landing Ride

Sandusky, OH -- Cedar Point will be retiring the White Water Landing water ride at the end of this season. After 24 seasons and 28 million rides the park announced that the ride will be removed for future expansion.

While the park won't comment on their plans, the removal of White Water Landing will provide space for future expansion.

Fans of White Water Landing will want to enter the essay contest to be the "very last, last, last public rider" with Tony and Tyler, the bloggers at OnPoint!, Cedar Point's official web log.

"The end of an era is upon us," wrote Tony and Tyler. "Our good friend White Water Landing will give its last ride forever on October 30, 2005."

Essays of 100 words or less, explaining why you should be the last rider on White Water Landing are due on October 21. More details can be found on

White Water Landing sits across from the Palace Theatre in Frontiertown. The flume ride simulates a ride down the Appalachian River. Riders seated in canoes travel through four water conditions, ranging from a quiet lagoon to a 50-foot high waterfall.

According to Cedar Point, White Water Landing was also the longest hydro-flume ride in the world when it opened in 1982.

White Water Landing averaged about 600,000 to 700,000 riders per year. The park's other water rides Thunder Canyon accommodate more than 700,000 riders per season and Snake River Falls averages about 623,000 riders.

In comparison, a few of Cedar Point's roller coasters give more than 2 million rides a year.

For more information, see Cedar Point or to enter the White Water Landing final ride contest visit

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