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September 28, 2005

Six Flags Great Adventure To Build Monstrous Wooden Coaster

Jackson, NJSix Flags Great Adventure unveils an enormous, new wooden roller coaster that will debut for the 2006 season. El Toro is expected to attract plenty of thrill-seekers next year to the world's largest regional theme park. The thrill ride, which incorporates the most daring features of the world's best wooden roller coasters combined with the smooth speed of a steel coaster, will be the star of a vibrant, newly-themed area of Six Flags Great Adventure, Plaza del Carnaval.

El Toro Wooden Coaster Layout
Six Flags Great Adventure will debut one of the world's tallest and fastest wooden roller coasters in 2006.
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El Toro First Drop Roller Coaste
El Toro will stand 181-feet tall and reach a top speed of 70 mph during the 4,400 foot long ride.

El Toro Six Flags Great Adventure
The new wooden coaster will anchor the park's new Plaza del Carnaval section along a scenic waterway.

"Classic design meets state-of-the-art thrills with our spectacular, new wooden roller coaster," said Rick McCurley, the park's vice president and general manager. "As part of our multi-year expansion to a family destination, this massive coaster adventure will anchor a colorful, newly-themed area evoking the lively energy of Spanish-speaking regions of the world."

El Toro's unique design, inspired by the agility and strength of the brave Matadors, features a hybrid design including a classic "out and back" track with four fast-charging drops, multiple highly-banked turns and a beastly "twister" finale. El Toro will also deliver nine "airtime" opportunities, giving riders the highly-sought thrill ride sensation of weightlessness.

At 181 feet tall, reaching 70 mph, El Toro will rank among the tallest and fastest wooden roller coasters in the world. Its 4,400 feet of mountainous track includes records for second tallest, fastest and longest drop of all wooden coasters in America and features the world's steepest drop on a wooden roller coaster, 76 white-knuckled degrees.

El Toro will anchor the colorful and lively Plaza del Carnaval section along a scenic waterway. This newly-themed area will feature La Cocina restaurant offering authentic Mexican fare, plus an open-air, marketplace-style retail shop and a new, themed family ride. Plaza del Carnaval will also include one of the world's rare, classic dual-track wooden roller coasters, Rolling Thunder, introduced in 1979.

Just around the corner, parents and their young children will explore Bugs Bunny National Park, an all-new, wilderness-themed children's area with tons of fun for little ones. Located on Six Flags Great Adventure's picturesque Great Lake, this new kids' area, featuring Bugs Bunny and his Looney Tunes pals, will join Looney Tunes Seaport and Balin's Jungleland as the park's third section devoted to the youngest thrill seekers. Families will enjoy the great outdoors with new rides, an interactive water play feature, plus a lakeside theater with a high-spirited show for kids and a snack bar with lots of sweet treats.

"Moms and dads told us their kids love the new Balin's Jungleland area this season, and they want more," McCurley said. "We listened, and with nearly 25 rides specially-designed for kids 54 inches and under, dozens of rides for tweens and teens, and the world's ultimate coaster collection, Six Flags Great Adventure will be the perfect way to enjoy playtime together in 2006."

The new Bugs Bunny National Park, and Plaza del Carnaval featuring El Toro, are slated for a spring 2006 opening. Guests can take a virtual ride on El Toro and receive up-to-the-minute news throughout the park's winter construction project on

For more information, visit Six Flags Great Adventure, Wild Safari and Hurricane Harbor on the Web at

El Toro artwork courtesy of Six Flags Great Adventure. All rights reserved.

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