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August 8, 2005

Investigators Find Nothing Wrong With Playland Ride

Rye, NY -- A team of state investigators are looking for answers as to why a 7-year-old boy was killed on the Ye Old Mill ride at Playland Park in Westchester County.

The preliminary conclusion of the State Department of Labor Team was that there was "no apparent mechanical failure" on the Ye Old Mill boat ride at Playland Park.

This news was announced during a news conference at Playland Park were the boy was killed Wednesday afternoon.

Investigators concluded that the boy "was not seated in the boat when he came out of it."

The park acknowledged that occasionally riders get out of the boats during the six-minute ride through a tunnel, but usually for mischief. Riders are warned several times to remain in their seats.

"You find them running around the ride, " said Joseph Montalto, Playland Director. "Sometimes they want to scare somebody in the boat behind them, sometimes they want to play with some of the exhibits."

The Ye Old Mill is a boat ride through a tunnel with multiple scenes of trolls, gnomes and a dragon.

Montalto added, that he was unaware of any other injuries on the 77-year old ride and about 80,000 people ride it every year without incident.

Playland amusement park, is a National Historic Landmark, and opened in 1928.

Ye Old Mill is one of Playland Park's original attractions and tamest riders. The park said will keep the ride closed until a full report about the incident is received.

For more information, see Playland Park.

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