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August 6, 2005

Enthusiast Takes 5,000th Ride On Lake Compounce Coaster

Article written by:
Eric Gieszl, Editor

Bristol, CT -- You've got to love roller coasters to reach a milestone like this. Friday morning, coaster enthusiast Anthony "Coaster Tony" Reynolds took his 5,000th ride on the Boulder Dash wooden coaster, reaching a milestone that started with his first ride five years ago. Boulder Dash is the flagship attraction at Lake Compounce, America's oldest amusement park.

"Since the moment Boulder Dash was operating, Coaster Tony has been a regular on the coaster," said Jerry Brick, General Manager of Lake Compounce. "He has spent countless Fridays and Sundays here for the past five years riding Boulder Dash and has admitted that it's not only the ride itself but the team members that make each ride unique and great every time."

Reynolds started riding the Boulder Dash wooden coaster when it debuted at Lake Compounce on May 19, 2000. As an avid coaster enthusiast from Massachusetts, it took Reynolds five years to reach his goal of 5,000 rides.

"By the end of the year, I will have visited every major theme park in the United States and Canada, and will have ridden more than 500 different roller coasters," added Coaster Tony, who is a sales manager for Dana Corporation. "Wood coasters give a different experience every time you ride, and there is no better thrill than Boulder Dash at Lake Compounce."

Boulder Dash attracted national attention when the readers of Amusement Today voted it the best wooden roller coaster in an annual poll. Furthermore, Boulder Dash is unique since it is the only roller coaster in the world that is built entirely into the side of a mountain.

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