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July 27, 2005

Lake Compounce Adding New Ride Thunder "N" Lightning

Article written by:
Eric Gieszl, Editor

Bristol, CT -- Lake Compounce amusement park announced plans to build another exciting ride for thrill-seekers. The new swing thrill ride named Thunder "N" Lightning will open in 2006.

The new $2.5 million "Screaming Swing" ride will hold 32 riders and swing to heights of 90-feet at 60 mph. Thunder 'N' Lightning will be powered by compressed air and accommodate 700 riders per hour. The new ride is a product of S&S Power of Utah.

In addition to the new thrill ride, Lake Compounce general manager Jerry Brick, discussed the park's plans to expand the water park over the next three years.

The expansion calls for moving Mount Vernon Road, which runs along the upper perimeter of Lake Compounce. The plan includes leveling the land where the current roadway is so it will blend with the park grounds. The completed expansion will add 9.5 acres to the water park.

"We are expecting about 600,000 guests this summer and we are very excited about the potential for Thunder 'N' Lightning in 2006 and our eventual expansion of the water park area," Brick said. "We are awaiting final approval on moving the road and once that happens, we plan to go forward rapidly with this expansion."

According to Brick, if all goes as planned the expansion should be completed by summer 2009.

Lake Compounce's parent company Kennywood Entertainment invested approximately $3 million into the park for the 2005 season. The improvements included adding air-conditioning to and renovating the Starlite Theatre and the debut of Anchor Bay, a 800-foot long lazy river in the water park.

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