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May 5, 2005

Cedar Point Opens 136th Season This Saturday

Article written by:
Eric Gieszl, Editor

Sandusky, OH -- Cedar Point Amusement Park and Resort is set to open the gates for the 2005 season this Saturday, May 7. To celebrate Opening Day, a special fireworks display will be presented on Saturday night at approximately 10 p.m.

maXair Thrill Ride, Cedar Point
The new maXair thrill ride opens Saturday and will swing riders in a pendulum motion to reach a maximum speed of 70 mph and a height of 140 feet.

New this summer at Cedar Point and debuting on Saturday is maXair, the park's 68th ride. With 68 rides, including 16 roller coasters, Cedar Point has more rides and more roller coasters than any other park in the world.

Cedar Point's new thrill ride maXair promises to deliver new thrills to the park's first guests of the season. Riders will sit in outward-facing suspended seats that form a giant circle of 50 passengers. Each passenger will be secured to the ring with an over-the-shoulder restraint and lap belt, but your legs will dangle freely.

According to the park, maXair will swing riders back and forth in a seemingly out of control pendulum motion while rotating counterclockwise. At the peak of the pendulum movement that reaches a maximum speed of 70 mph, riders will be nearly upside down 140 feet above the ground and will experience "airtime" – that coveted feeling of weightlessness that is popular for thrill-seekers on roller coasters.

The dynamic return drop will generate a variety of sensations on riders depending on their specific position in the counterclockwise rotation, creating a different ride experience each time.

A section of Cedar Point's games have been relocated to make room fro maXair, creating a new plaza of games on the Main Midway. In addition, the park's existing games area on Main Midway has been renovated with new pageantry and a significant marquee and lighting package.

Cedar Point will open for the season this Saturday, May 7 and will be open daily through Labor Day. The park reopens for weekends thereafter through October 30.

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maXair photo courtesy of Cedar Point. All rights reserved.

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