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May 3, 2005

ConAgra Sponsoring Rides & More At Six Flags Parks

Chicago, IL -- ConAgra Foods is adding its flavor to the fun of Six Flags Theme Parks this season. The popular brands will be seen by millions of US park visitors as they make their appearance as Slim Jim Extreme Roller Coasters, Orville Redenbacher's Theaters and Van Camp's 'Six Flags Dollars'.

According to ConAgra this is an effort to connect with consumers where they work, eat and play. The key initiatives by its brands include naming rights on some of the nation's favorite rides and family theatres, which is part of the company's multi-year "Official Food of Playtime" sponsorship of Six Flags 28 US theme parks. ConAgra is also launching a promotional campagign that includes a Six Flags first, a lifetime pass to a Six Flags theme park.

"This partnership brings together the fun of the classic American theme park with the flavor of one of America's leading food companies," said Roger Berdusco, senior vice president, Marketing, ConAgra Foods Retail Products, at the 2005 Food Marketing Institute Show, meeting in Chicago May 1-3. "ConAgra Foods is committed to pursuing impactful marketing opportunities beyond traditional advertising that help us better connect with consumers where they eat, live and play. Partnering with the world's largest regional theme-park company is a key part of our strategy to achieve that."

The company announced that Slim Jim, the spicy, flavor-filled meat snack, is staking its claim with thrill-seekers by adding the brand name to extreme roller coasters and rides in 10 Six Flags theme parks.

Orville Redenbacher's, the popcorn favorite enjoyed by theater-goers across the United States is taking a starring role and highlighting its movie-theater flavor by adding its name to the marquee of 18 Six Flags family theaters.

Van Camp's is giving families an opportunity to win the first-ever Lifetime Pass offered by Six Flags. During the summer, families who buy Van Camp's Baked Beans have a chance to win great Six Flags prizes, including five Lifetime Family Passes. Van Camp's Baked Beans labels will feature a "Six Flags Dollar," redeemable for $1.00 in food, games or merchandise at any Six Flags theme park.

Popular ConAgra foods will be on the menu at restaurants and fast food locations in all Six Flags theme parks this summer. The menu offerrings will include Armour hot dogs, Hunt's ketchup and Orville Redenbacher's popcorn.

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