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April 29, 2005

Six Flags To Open New Attractions Across North America

Oklahoma, City, OK -- There are countless new reasons to visit a Six Flags' theme park or water park this year. In 2005, Six Flags will embark on a series of record-breaking expansions including expansive Caribbean and jungle-themed domains, the world's largest interactive waterplay structure and the tallest, fastest roller coaster on Earth.

The mythical Golden Kingdom will open in spring 2005 at Six Flags Great Adventure, already the world's largest regional theme park. The 11-acre jungle domain will be ruled by the "King of Coasters," Kingda Ka, the tallest, fastest roller coaster on Earth. Set to debut on Saturday, April 23, Kingda Ka will wow thrill seekers with a rocketing acceleration from zero to 128 mph in three and a half seconds, a breathtaking catapult 456 feet skyward at a 90-degree angle and a 270-degree spiraling descent.

Inside the Golden Kingdom, guests will also find Balin's Jungle Land featuring one of the largest interactive play structures in the world, plus five jungle-inspired rides just for little explorers. The 33,000-square-foot Temple of the Tiger will be home to massive Bengal tigers and two rare "golden tabby" tiger cubs. A first-of-its-kind stage show, created by a team of Broadway showmen, will fuse multicultural music, exotic costumes and dance with animal athleticism inside a new 1,000-seat amphitheater.

Ocean Discovery, a new animal encounter zone, will open at Six Flags Marine World in spring 2005. The Caribbean-themed Ocean Discovery will include the Bay Area's first and only touch and feeding pool for Atlantic bottlenose dolphins. Guests will also interact with enigmatic southern stingrays; follow the antics of warm-weathered Magellanic penguins both on land and underwater at their large, two-tiered habitat; and enjoy a new show starring adventurous sea lions and their friends.

Six Flags Great America will gain a cool new next-door neighbor in spring 2005: Six Flags Hurricane Harbor. The 13-acre splash-filled destination will include the lush landscaping and tropical adventures of the Caribbean, and will feature more than 25 major waterslides, a 500,000-gallon wave pool and Skull Island, the world's largest interactive waterplay structure.

Skull Island will offer guests a 2,700-square-foot island-themed maze to explore, complete with Spanish bell towers, pirate ships and treasure, water cannons and an "active" water volcano spewing geyser-like eruptions. Seventeen play towers, with eight unique waterslides twining among them, will be connected by bridges and cargo net climbs, punctuated by fountains, sprayers and other interactive water features.

Six Flags New England will up its collection of coasters to ten with two new rides: one wild, one wet! The aptly named Mr. Six's Pandemonium offers a new spin on the coaster experience. Perfect for graduates of kiddie coasters who are not quite ready for jaw-dropping coaster action, Mr. Six's Pandemonium zigzags through quick twists, blazes through tight curves, and bolts up and down five stories. Its four-passenger cars spin independently 360 degrees throughout the ride course, so that no two rides are alike -- perfect for family and friends to experience together.

For those not afraid to get wet, there's Typhoon, the vanguard of new "Rocket Booster" technology that can only be experienced at Six Flags New England. New England's first and only water coaster will blast riders around high bank turns, through tunnels and over hills. Three-person rafts make it a great family and friends affair, bolting guests higher and faster over uphill sections than any existing water coaster.

In 2005, Six Flags America will be wetter and wilder than ever before. The combination theme and water park will celebrate a total water park makeover, including the mammoth, twisting Bahama Blast tube slide; the drenching Tornado funnel ride; an all-new kids' water play zone; new shops and a fresh Caribbean blast of fun. There's so much new happening this year, the water park deserves a new name: Six Flags Hurricane Harbor.

Tornados are on the horizon in 2005 for six different Six Flags parks: Six Flags Darien Lake in Buffalo, Six Flags SplashTown in Houston, Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom in Louisville, Six Flags St. Louis, Six Flags Waterworld Concord and Six Flags America just outside Washington, DC. Tornado, a six-story funnel of fun, will lift riders 75 feet into the air, then suck them down a 132-foot-long tunnel of wild and wet excitement, dousing them with 5,000 gallons of water before dropping them into a pool below.

Kids will have new reasons to celebrate in Atlanta, Georgia, and Lake George, New York. Six Flags Over Georgia will open Skull Island, the largest interactive waterplay structure in a theme park, while The Great Escape & Splashwater Kingdom at Lake George will open a new Looney Tunes themed kiddie area featuring ten new rides, a new Looney Tunes show and, of course, that famous rabbit, Bugs Bunny!

The original Six Flags theme park, Six Flags Over Texas, celebrates 2005 with an astounding array of world-class, limited engagement, live entertainment including Spirit of the Dance(TM) The Amazing Acrobats of China, and Kathy Burks' World of Puppets. Always on the cutting edge of live themed entertainment, Six Flags Fiesta Texas in San Antonio gets in on the action with a new extreme stunt show to entertain guests young and old.

Water park aficionados will have three cool, new, water thrill rides to try out at Six Flags WaterWorld in Sacramento, Wild Waves & Enchanted Village in Seattle and Six Flags Elitch Gardens in Denver.

La Ronde will welcome families into a colorful, imaginary nature-themed world called La Ribambelle. The new land will feature ten magical rides showcasing fantasy plant and animal friends and their whimsical means of transportation, including the jumping L'ourson Fripon (Rascal Cub), the gliding Air Papillon (Air Butterfly), the chugging Tchou Tchou (Little Train) and the swaying Monsieur L'arbre (Mister Tree).

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