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April 28, 2005

Marine World Unveils Interactive Dolphin Experience

Vallejo, CASix Flags Marine World is offering guests a new world of exploration with Ocean Discovery, the Park's new interactive marine animal encounter that opens to the public on April 29. The new Caribbean-themed destination is the only place in Northern California where guests can personally interact with Atlantic bottlenose dolphins, southern stingrays and warm-weathered penguins.

Ocean Discovery, Dolphin Encounter
The new Ocean Discovery Dolphin Encounter at Six Flags Marine World.

The 2-acre area provides guests the opportunity to interact with and feed some of the world's natural wonders while learning about the animals and the importance of natural habitat conservation and protection.

"Ocean Discovery is an exciting addition to Six Flags Marine World and exemplifies the type of interactive and fun learning experience we offer for the entire family," said Michelle Bridwell, marine mammal supervisor at Six Flags Marine World. "Ocean Discovery presents a rare opportunity to expand the horizons of our guests through an up close and personal experience with dolphins, stingrays and warm-weathered penguins."

Ocean Discovery has three interactive marine life experiences, including Dolphin Encounter, Penguin Passage and Stingray Bay.

Atlantic bottlenose dolphins play and surf inside a custom designed 200,000-gallon pool at Dolphin Encounter. Guests can come in direct contact with the animals and their trainers. At designated times guests can touch and feed the dolphins with the assistance of the park's veteran trainers.

Stingray Bay is a 10,000-gallon pool where guests have the opportunity to touch and feed stingrays, which are commonly found in southern parts of the Atlantic Ocean, the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico.

Penquin Passage is a new outdoor, rocky exhibit has an 8,000-gallon pool and is home to a colony of South African penguins, also known as black-footed penguins. Guests can watch these flightless birds frolic and swim from rare underwater and eye-level views.

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