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April 9, 2005

Disneyland Paris To Unveil New Space Mountain Today

Paris -- Disneyland Paris will debut their updated Space Mountain roller coaster attraction to the public on Saturday. Named Space Mountain: Mission 2 the new version promises to take "exploronauts" on a new, fantastic and unforgettable voyage to the far reaches of the universe.

"The launch of Space Mountain: Mission 2 is a further step in our strategy of innovation from the core," said Euro Disney chairman and CEO Andre Lacroix. "Over the next few years, the resort will see the addition of new, exciting attractions and shows."

Space Mountain is one of the most popular attractions at Disneyland Paris. The ride opened in 1995 and is themed after Jules Verne's 1865 novel "From the Earth to the Moon."

"We are already Europe's No. 1 tourist destination, with more than 12 million visits per year. These innovations are important assets in the drive to encourage more first-time visitors. We know from our high satisfaction rates that once people visit the resort, they usually return."

The revamped Space Mountain is part of the celebration of Disneyland's 50th anniversary. Disney parks worldwide are opening new attractions to celebrate the anniversary of the original Disneyland park in Anaheim.

Disneyland Paris will also open a new fireworks spectacular Wishes. Buzz Lightyear's Laser Blast a new attraction based on Disney-Pixar's Toy Story will open in 2006 and in 2008 the Walt Disney Studios Park will open their own version of Disney's popular Tower of Terror ride.

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