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March 30, 2005

S&S Screaming Swing Ride Opening At Wild Adventures

Valdosta, GA -- Wild Adventures theme park announced the addition of two S&S Screaming Swings to be placed side-by-side in the park's Treasure Cove area. Named The Gauntlet this new 60-foot tall thrill ride will open in April.

Only those brave of heart will rise to test this ride as just getting aboard is an adventure. Guests must first pass through the swinging arms of the Gauntlet as they make their way to the boarding station. Then strap in and hang on as the ride swings in a pendulum motion, going higher and higher; faster and faster, approaching speeds of 60 mph. The Gauntlet will launch riders over the lagoon in the park's Treasure Cove area.

Designed and built by S&S Power, Inc., The Gauntlet is actually created using two of the tower rides placed side by side, creating four swinging arms. This enables up to 16 passengers to ride at once and also creates the "gauntlet" aspect of the ride, as the arms swing toward each other.

The Gauntlet joins a collection of over 100 rides and attractions, the largest of any park in the south.

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