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March 24, 2005

Cleveland's I-X Indoor Amusement Park Opens Today

Cleveland, OH -- The I-X Indoor Amusement Park held at the I-X Center opens today with a few surprises that have never been seen before at the park. The 16th annual event will operate through April 17.

"With new thrill rides like the Top Spin and Freak Out, which are rides you would see at an outdoor amusement park, which twirls riders 70-feet in the air, the teens are sure to enjoy these high-powered rides," said Eric German, show director. "Plus, we will have a bunch of new kiddie rides that are sure to delight even the smallest riders."

Mountain Dew's Thrill City offers several new attractions including Top Spin, a high-flying spinning ride seen at many outdoor amusement parks, that reaches a height of 70-feet while flipping riders over and over. Another new ride Freak Out is a giant swing that rotates from side-to-side as it spins riders up to 70-feet high. For the skateboarders, Skater is the world's largest skateboard where passengers seated atop the board glide back and forth in a giant half-pipe as it spins.

The traditional favorites are also back, like the White Water Raft Ride and five-story roller coaster.

For those looking for a scare Carnival of Horrors 3D is a dark maze filled with haunted, horrific rooms. It's a fully three-dimensional haunted house, where guests who dare to wear use chromadepth glasses. The 3D maze will be open on weekends.

The Kraft Nabisco Kidzville area has thirty rides for youngsters including eight new attractions this year.

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