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February 23, 2005

Six Flags Unveils Two Coasters For New England Park

Article written by:
Eric Gieszl, Editor

Mr. Six's Pandemonium, Typhoon

Agawam, MASix Flags New England announced plans to open two new roller coasters this summer. The two new family thrill rides include Mr. Six's Pandemonium, a spinning twister inspired by the fun loving dance moves of Six Flags' popular ambassador of fun, Mr. Six. The second, Typhoon is a cutting-edge water coaster powered by "rocket booster" technology.

"The two coasters we're creating offer incredibly unique experiences designed to be shared with family and friends," said Mark Kane, Six Flags New England vice president and general manager. "Their selection, specifically for this park, continues our ongoing commitment to providing excellent guest service and a promise of good times for our visitors."

Mr. Six's Pandemonium

According to Six Flags, Mr. Six's Pandemonium will take park visitors on an all-new ride experience five stories above the ground that creates a new spin on the typical roller coaster. Face-to-face in individual four-person cars, guests will enjoy more than a quarter mile of totally unique fun, shared with family and friends. The coaster cars spin while moving up and down through hairpin turns and spirals. Each ride because of the spinning will be unique.

Making a splash at Hurricane Harbor, Typhoon will offer park goers a unique thrill only to be experienced at Hurricane Harbor. Typhoon offers an extreme 3-person rafting experience. The water coaster's rocket propelled water and conveyer belts blast riders though a serpentine series of high bank turns, enclosed tunnels and up hill climbs at racing speeds. Typhoon's technology includes higher and faster uphill sections than any existing water coaster in the country.

Six Flags Typhoon Water Coaster

"When we considered adding two new coasters to Six Flags New England's already spectacular line-up, we knew we had to create something as grand and legendary as the park itself, so we called in the expert on family fun, Mr. Six," said Mark Kane, Six Flags New England vice president and general manager. "His fun-loving style and wild dance moves provided the perfect inspiration for Mr. Six's Pandemonium."

"The Typhoon water coaster is also a perfect fit for our park," Kane added. "Hurricane Harbor is by far the biggest and most popular water park in New England and we continue to make it even better. The new water coaster technology employed by Typhoon offers our patrons an action packed thrill ride that also beats the summer heat!"

Mr. Six's Pandemonium will debut in early Spring 2005 and Typhoon will make its debut with the opening of the 2005 season at Hurricane Harbor. Six Flags New England opens for the 2005 season on April 16.

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