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February 18, 2005

Robocoaster Ride Coming To Legoland California

Carlsbad, CA -- Legoland California is to be the first US theme park to install a Robocoaster robotic thrill ride. The new ride named Knights' Tournament will toss a pair of riders up, down, sideways and upside down. The passengers will be harnessed into two seats at the end of a 15-foot robotic arm. Knights' Tournamenet will have five robotic arms for a total capacity of ten riders.

Knights' Tournament is a significant part of $5.8 million Legoland is spending on capital improvements this year. The robocoaster ride is estimated to cost somewhere between $4 and $5-million.

According to Amusement Business attendance at Legoland was up in 2004. Legoland hopes to continue the trend with the introduction of this new thrill ride.

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