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January 10, 2005

Six Flags New England Seeks Approval For New Rides

Agawam, MA -- Six Flags New England is seeking approval to construct three new rides for the 2005 season. Specific details are being withheld by Six Flags until the approvals are granted and plans are finalized.

One of the rides requires a variance from the Agawam city Board of Appeals because of its height. The proposed "Slingshot" ride would stand 146-feet tall. The maximum height permitted for amusement rides is 45 feet, but the city has granted permission for larger rides in the past. The tallest ride presently at Six Flags is the 208-foot tall Superman Ride of Steel roller coaster.

According to documents filed with the city the Slingshot ride would be located in Crackaxle Canyon and is portable so it can be relocated.

Besides the Slingshot, site plans for a spinning roller coaster that will stand 42-feet high and a new water slide for the park's Hurricane Harbor waterpark were also submitted. The new water slide would stand 39-feet high.

The city planning board must approve the site plans for all three rides. If approved, Six Flags will construct the rides before it reopens this spring.

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