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September 8, 1999

California Ride Inspection Bill One Step Closer

Sacramento, CA -- A proposed safety bill that will require annual state safety inspections of thrill rides at amusement parks received approval from the California State Senate.

The bill introduced by Tom Tolarkson is in response to several accidents in recent years at California amusement parks. The most recent was on August 22, when a 12-year old boy fell from the Drop Zone Stunt Tower at Paramount's Great America in Santa Clara.

Over the past 28 years California there have been 16 fatal accidents.

The bill passed the Senate last Friday by a 30-6 vote. The measure will go before the State Assembly this week for a final vote.

Last month, the measure passed the Assembly with a 60-15 vote. Governor Gray Davis has not voiced his opinion on the bill yet, which will require his signature before it becomes law.

California law currently requires regular inspections of rides at fairs and traveling carnivals. The law does not require ride inspections at the state's 70 permanent amusement parks.

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