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September 8, 1999

World's Largest Ferris Wheel To Rise This Week

London, UK -- The world's largest Ferris wheel, the British Airways London Eye, will be raised upright this week after months of assembly on the Thames River in London.

The wheel will stand 443-feet tall (135-meters) after it is raised from it's horizontal position over the river, to it's permanent vertical one on the river's bank.

The London Eye will accommodate up to 15,000 passengers per day. The Ferris wheel will feature unique cars that do not swing, like traditional Ferris wheels. Instead passengers will be free to move about the gondolas during the 30-minute ride.

On a clear day passengers will be able to see for up to 25 miles. Some of the other sights from the Ferris wheel include the Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey and the Millennium Dome.