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September 1999


September 24, 1999

Cedar Point 2000 Opening Day Announced
Sandusky, OH -- Cedar Point announced that the first day of the 2000 season would be May 13, 2000. The park expects to have their newest coaster Millennium Force ready by opening day.

Disney and Lucasfilm May Team for New Ride Film
A source from Industrial Light and Magic, a division of Lucasfilm Ltd. has confirmed that Disney and Lucasfilm are currently talking about producing a new ride film to replace the current Star Tours movie.

According to reports the new Star Tours movie will likely be focused around episode 1, The Phantom Menace and the upcoming episode 2. Some are speculating that the new ride will be based on the popular Pod Racer scene from The Phantom Menace.

Sources say that if an agreement is reached the new Star Tours ride may open along with the next Star Wars movie, which would be a great cross promotion.

Premier Parks Launches Web Site For FrightFest
Oklahoma, OK -- Six Flags Theme Parks and Premier Parks has launched an all-new web site for their annual Halloween event, FrightFest. This special Halloween themed event will be taking place at eighteen parks during the month of October. To learn more about FrightFest be sure to check out the web site at

September 13, 1999

Riverside Black Widow Coaster May Be Removed
Agawam, MA -- A park source is claming that the Black Widow roller coaster at Riverside Park will be removed at the end of this season. The Arrow Dynamics designed shuttle loop coaster opened at Riverside in 1977. It is believed that the ride may be relocated to another Premier Park.

Six Flags St. Louis To Build Two New Coasters
St.Louis, MO -- According to a source Six Flags St. Louis will be building two new roller coasters for the 2000 season. One of the new coasters is said to be clone of the popular wooden coaster, Roar. The other is said to be Vekoma Invertigo, which is a inverted shuttle loop coaster. According to a park employee, lumber for the new wooden coaster has already arrived. Expect an offical announcement later this fall.

Knott's Summer Results Help Cedar Fair Overall
Buena Park, CA -- According to Richard Kinzel, chief executive officer of Cedar Fair L.P., Knott's Berry Farm's strong summer results have kept Cedar Fair's overall attendance and visitor spending numbers from slipping. It is believed that attendance may be up this year as much as 10% over last year at Knott's.

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