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Archive of past news articles on theme & amusement parks, thrill rides and attractions.

September 1999

Silverwood Reports Record Attendance For 1999
Park officials report that this year they have broken their previous attendance record set in 1996.
| Read More | 09/24/99

Disney Likely to Reach Deal with China
The government of China is likely to come to a deal with the Walt Disney Company to invest in the construction of a new Disney theme park.
| Read More | 09/24/99

Ride Accidents Have Risen According To Commission
The Consumer Product Safety Commission claims that serious accidents on the nations amusement rides has risen over the past five years.
| Read More | 09/24/99

Cedar Point Begins Construction Diary
Coaster fans will be able to follow the construction of the world's tallest, fastest full-circuit roller coaster on the Internet.
| Read More | 09/24/99

Orlando Theme Parks Closed For Hurricane Floyd
Theme park operators closed the doors for a day and half as they prepared for possible disaster from Hurricane Floyd.
| Read More | 09/14/99

Two Lawsuits Filed Against Paramount's Great America
Two suits were filed against the park seeking damages over last year's deadly accident.
| Read More | 09/12/99

Teenager Jumps Off Shockwave Roller Coaster
A 13-year-old jumped off the moving train after he believed that his safety restraint was not locked.
| Read More | 09/09/99

Camp Snoopy To Be Added To Dorney Park
Cedar Fair L.P. announced their plans for Dorney park and Wildwater Kingdom for the year 2000.
| Read More | 09/08/99

California Ride Inspection Bill One Step Closer
A safety bill that will require annual state safety inspections received approval from the Senate.
| Read More | 09/08/99

World's Largest Ferris Wheel To Rise This Week
The British Airways London Eye will be pulled upright after several months of construction on the ground.
| Read More | 09/08/99

Proposed Federal Bill To Regulate Amusement Parks
A proposed bill will give the federal government the power to regulate the permanent US amusement parks.
| Read More | 09/07/99

Boy Injured After Falling from Spinning Ride
A 9-year-old boy sustained minor injuries after he slid under his restraint and flew off a ride at Six Flags Marine World.
| Read More | 09/06/99

Roar Closed Temporarily After Inspection
Park officials close the wooden coaster after a potential problem is found during a routine inspection.
| Read More | 09/06/99

Boomerang Reopens At Six Flags Marine World
Officials reopen the coaster after a nine-day closure following an incident, which stranded 28 riders.
| Read More | 09/06/99

Swing Ride Collapses Injuring Fourteen
A swing ride at the Canadian National Exhibition suddenly collapsed Wednesday evening with 45 passengers on board.
| Read More | 09/02/99

Cedar Fair To Modify All Wooden Coasters
The company will modify all of its wooden coasters to prevent a similar accident like the one on the GhostRider.
| Read More | 09/01/99

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